We are living in a saturated and massively developing world. Are we ready to face the challenges? 

Urban Air Mobility

Do you believe a new solution up in the sky can change the world?

Do you believe we can make living in the city a cozy and easy experience?

Everything starts
with a simple idea.

We need to live and transport better.

We started to explore and devote ourselves to the urban air mobility industry since 2013. 

With the birth of both Gazelle and Antelope, two working prototypes have brought us firm belief and strong motivation that this is going to become our future. The future that we have always been dreaming of.

Making the human being a civilisation that lives and transports on a three-dimensional basis is our core mission.

We sincerely invite you to join us.

How can a flying vehicle be safe while being operated in the city? Isn't it going to cause a lot of impact on our lives? Why is our 'urban flying vehicle' different?

These are the main concerns people have, and they are also what makes us unique.

Have you thought about removing all the dangerous elements?

Safety, silence, and stability can make a huge difference while expanding the system, and making people trust the system.

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Project Antelope

- the first volar prototype


can be the Solution

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Urban Planning

- Coming soon





can be terrifying

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Project Scout

- visualized urban air transport system


can be fun

If we can have a visualized user interface which is informative and intuitive, it can dramatically help the drivers and passengers to trust the system and have so much fun. 

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is our



Will we be able to trust our own systems?
We never stop asking ourselves.

We all live in the same world and going toward the same future. 

Being human-centered will always be at the core of our mindset. If we don't start with understanding the needs, there is no way we can create the best products for the human.