Human is so intelligent and curious that we never stop exploring the world and even the world beyond our world. However, we have always stayed on the ground with our bare feet and stared at the sky so eagerly. Now, it is time we extract all our potential to create a new world with a brand new look and landscape. 

Ever imagined a world with no congestions and you can travel to wherever you want so easily and so quickly, and the cities have multiple surfaces that allow us to live on whole different dimensions, and we finally become a civilization that lives off the ground? 

We need to live and transport better.

Our Mission



Starting with defining a new category of urban flying vehicle 'volar', Bellwether Industries took the challenge, and will never stop the path of pursuing the best. We will expand our vision and ambition, and it is our mission to bring positive impact to the world.

We always start everything from the human. How would people trust the system? How can we make the vehicle safe and having a minimum impact? What are the real needs? 

Bellwether Industries aims to provide advanced comprehensive solutions for urban air mobility. We believe urban aircraft, transport system, and urban infrastructure are the 3 fundamental elements to form up a complete ecosystem in the urban scenario. 


Bellwether Industries


Chenchang Li

Kai-Tse Lin

Kun-Yang Chen

Co-Founder & Chief Technologist

Co-Founder & Chief of Operations

Founder & Chief Executive

Lead Engineer

Tao Chen

Lead Designer

Fengshun Li

Operation Assistant

Zhiyang Yu

The expansion of the most talented team will never stop. 

We strongly believe partnerships, cooperations, and communications can make a great success in projects. We are good at being an organizer, telling the story, and practicing our ideas. 

Founded by a group of automotive and technology lovers in London in 2019, Bellwether Industries is a very energetic and passionate company willing to bring innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies to the world. The whole project and the team were established during the study at Royal College of Art and Imperial College London since 2017. The team then became bigger and stronger along with the development of the concept and vision and is building up great partnerships around the globe. 

The Team



The Team

Dear beloved

Mister & 

Miss enthusiast

of the world,

I am Kun-Yang Chen, the founder of Bellwether Industries.


I would like to welcome all of you to join the journey with us, with our little brains taking us to the universe and the ships sailing to the future. No, let's say let us bring the future to the world together.


I always believe that the future will be so appealing, so exciting, and so colorful. The world is moving so fast and technologies have been developed dramatically with unstoppable speed. We have also made humanity grow to a whole new level. And I always believe it is the mission of every one of us to create something unique to motivate the world and keep it running and boosting. We are all unique. We can either wait for the time to pass by, or we can also stand up and grab a hammer to build ourselves a beautiful land to live in. There are challenges everywhere and we might as well get hurt, but we will stand up and soar no matter how difficult it will be. 

Everyone is welcome to get on board. We are going fast and going far. I sincerely invite you to grab yourself a seat and become a part of the future with us.

Kun-Yang Chen

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Dubai Development Base



Project Gazelle Exhibited

at Yodex, Taiwan

Urban Air Mobility

Projects Started

Kun-Yang (Daniel) Chen founded the team and started the development of the hovercraft project, Gazelle.



The Team Expanded

and Continued in London

Team expansion.


Project Antelope

Project Scout



Strategic Business Model

Starts Globally

Volar Experience

- Volar 

- Urban Air Transport System

- UAM Infrastructure 

The first prototype, Gazelle, was demonstrated and exhibited at YODEX, Taipei, Taiwan.

The Bellwether Industry team was founded in London. A new project, Antelope, started.

The team started to run full-speed for various projects to provide comprehensive solutions.

Project Antelope and project Scout were exhibited at RCA, London, with two animations completed and the company registered.


First Commercial Model for the market

Full-scale Model Development

Half-scale prototype validation.

The Achievement



Prototype Test Flight 

Started a new development base in Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP)

Bellwether Aerospace

Founded in Taiwan


Volar and Transport System Validation

Regional Transport

RCA Degree Show

Antelope and Scout Exhibited